Spelling Assignments
Our spelling assignments are consistent each week.

Weekly Spelling Assignments

Write definitions of spelling words.

Write spelling words three times each.


Write spelling words in ABC order. Use each word in a sentence. 


Creative spelling-Choose one of the following activities to complete on Thursdays.

Spelling Book Assignment:  ‚Äč3rd page of the Spelling Book for the Unit
  • Rainbow Spelling:  Write your words 3 times each using at least 3 different colored pencils.
  • Print & Cursive:  Write each word 1 time in print then write each word in cursive next to it.
  • I Spy:  Draw a picture and hide all of your words inside.
  • Sentences:  Write a sentence for 10 of your words and underline the spelling words you used.
  • Collage:  Cut out 5 of your words in a newspaper or magazine and make a collage.
  • Synonyms:  Write each word 1 time then next to each word, write a synonym to go with it.
  • Antonyms:  Write each word 1 time then next to each word, write an antonym to go with it.
  • Crossword Puzzle:  Make and complete a crossword puzzle at www.puzzlemaker.com
  • Word Search Puzzle:  Make and complete a word search puzzle at www.puzzlemaker.com
  • Microsoft Words:  Use a Microsoft Word program to create word art for each of your words.
  • Fridays
    Spelling Test