Supply List

Supply List

· Medium binder (5th grade only)

· 5 Tabs dividers ( 1. Now what? 2. Book Study 3. Quick Thinking 4. Notes 5. Extra Paper) {5th grade only}

· Paper

· Pencils

 Blue or black pen

· Erasers

· Highlighter

· Zipper pencil pouch (5th grade only)

· Composition book (5th grade only)

· Earbuds for Ipad

· Flashdrive

24 pk crayons*

2 glue sticks*

12 ct Twistable colored pencils *

8 pk markers*

Girls: Paper towels*, Clorox wipes*, Watercolors*
Boys: Kleenex, Post it notes*, Poster paint*

* community supplies

Book study: Each student will need a copy of the following novel for this year. We will annotate the book throughout the year. Please have the assigned book by October 1st.

Sixth- A Wrinkle in Time  by Madeline L'Engle

Fifth- The Summer of the Monkeys  by Wilson Rawls

Wish list items: The following items are not required; however donations would be appreciated.

Paper towels, Kleenex, soap, chalk, copy paper, Ziploc bags , classroom monetary donations